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The chiringuitos (bars) on the beach

It is one of the postcard images culled from the successful marketing campaign under the slogan “Spain is different”. Do you remember it? Don´t you know it? Well, I mean that picture of a beach bar (said of an unstable  establishment between a kiosk and a food peddler  located on the beach) filled to the brim with people, where you are uncomfortable and bad food is served. Well, dear traveler, that does not exist in Spain. Fortunately. The current bars have become what they are: comfortable spaces to relax, to taste typical Mediterranean dishes, where sunbathing and live music makes them a summer oasis. The most elegant, also have been reworded so that they are no longer called bars. They are the exclusive beach clubs.

bars on the beach

All beaches on the Mediterranean coast, and in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is not an exception to this premise, these beach bars are comfortable restaurants (some decorated with designer furniture) which serves traditional dishes from this part of the world, in the vast majority of cases, well cooked by local chefs. Juicy paellas, fresh fish or salt-grilled sardines on skewers, colorful salads , frozen desserts and some other international succor cuisine dish (like pasta or grilled chicken) often are on the menu of  most beach bars in Barcelona. Of course, there will be one that gives her special touch with a different recipe and / or more elaborate. Apart from eating, some have showers, hammocks and parasols services and liven up the evening with live music. Paz Vela and Bestial, both in La Barceloneta, are some of the bars that are located in Barcelona, although it will not  be difficult to find one. Just stroll down the beach and look left and right. check the menu , book a hammock, a lot of sunscreen, some reading and … enjoy! enough said.

If your after exclusivity, luxury and glamor, maybe bar services fall short of your expectations . So look for a beach club. This term refers to an enclosed area adjacent to the beach, assembled and decorated paying attention to detail. One thing I like is that they often put wooden floor on the sand. They sunbeds with mattresses are so well dressed that seem culled from a decorating magazine or from the exclusive photos of a super luxury private pool. Massages and towel hire is completed by a quality restaurant, which is usually buffet style and included in the ticket price. The Barceloneta has the Baja Beach Club, near the port. The newly opened Boo Restaurant & Beach Club is located in Mar Bella (not to be confused with the town of Malaga). 




Although your apartments in Barcelona are so comfortable and the temptation to sunbathe on the terrace is almost irresistible, a bar is a place to socialize and get some great services. In addition, prices have gone down a lot. What are you waiting for to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sand?