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Barcelona’s cuisine in autumn

When there is a change of season, we often also change our habits in every way, including our clothes, shoes, accessories and even the colors we wear. The transition from summer to autumn forces us to change our travel destinations and pay a visit to museums, instead of spending time at the beach or the countryside. When it comes to food, autumn offers new experiences for our taste sense; more intense flavors and delicious meals with a little more calories.

Barcelona cuisine autumn


You’ll be able to try a wide range of local dishes during autumn. This gastronomy tour through the capital of Catalunya will take you to every corner of the city. An autumn breakfast in Barcelona will bring you to various cafes and bars in el Raval. All these cafes have their doors open from the early morning and serve foaming coffees with milk, and various breakfast snacks. You can find omelets or Spanish tortillas among the most popular, as well as various cheeses and hams. Coffee is always fresh at any of these charming places. Also, you’ll discover that many locals enjoy a beer with breakfast, even before the first coffee of the day. There is nothing like these delights to raise the body temperature during a cold autumn morning.

If it comes to food, you can also get lost on the streets of the Gothic quarter to find International food including: Catalan, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Latin American cuisines, as well as Pakistani and Indian. There are many options according to your budget: you can actually eat very well with an average of 7 or 8 Euros. If looking for seafood, it is a better idea to go to la Barceloneta area, where you’ll find many bars and restaurants that offer shrimp, fish and paella at affordable prices and very close to the beach. Although during early autumn it is quite chilly, in Barcelona you’ll be able to go for a walk on the beach without getting too cold.

When the snack time comes, you should head to Gracia and get a beer in one of its many terraces. In this traditional neighborhood, which by the way has a slight “hipster” atmosphere, bars around Virreina square are very popular for their vermouth and beer. In Poble sec you’ll be able to eat delicious sandwiches, there are also many traditional and modern bars that offer delicious tapas with cold beers; dinner in this area may be the best in this city. For more information about the wide range of restaurants and dining options that this fabulous city has to offer, visit the following website: http://www.guiadelociobcn.com/