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Bastilippo Seville

Antiques are the fetish of many people that travel around the world trying to get unique objects of great value, not only on an economic level but, many times, also for sentimental value. If you´re in Seville, the place you undoubtedly have to visit is Bastilippo, where you´ll be able to find many things that could interest you.


It opened its doors in 1985 and, after moving a year after its opening, they´re still in the same place that they were years ago (on 10 Acetres Street). At Bastilippo they deal with buying and selling objects related to art and antiques, as well as the restoration of furniture and relics. This means that if you have a deteriorated object that you want to restore, you can take it there without any problems.


The experience of the people who serve at Bastilippo is extensive, because they´ve been in the field for over 20 years. Therefore, if you´re trying to find something unique to collect, enjoy or simply to gift, visiting this antiques shop is the best thing you can do.


To do so you just have to rent apartments in Seville and enjoy Bastilippo.