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Daniel Riera Antiques Shop Barcelona

If you´re in Barcelona trying to find a good place to get antiques, the best thing you can do is visit the Daniel Riera Antiques Shop, where you´ll be able to find experts who have over 25 years experience in the field.


At the place there are various qualified professionals that will give you all the guarantees that you need in order to know that what you´re buying is exactly that.


At the art shop you´ll be able to find from 19th century paintings to Oriental clay objects from the 18th century, but also much more contemporary objects like honors, Scalextric cars, tin toys, original first edition books and old postcards.


Due to the wide range of things that there are there, you will probably find something that you fancy and that you want to keep. For this reason, you have to go there and have a look at the antiques shop.


The shop´s collection grows every day, because the experts buy objects daily that, if they don´t need restoration, are instantly put on sale.


If you want to visit the Daniel Riera Antiques Shop you just have to rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy, also, the wonderful city.