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Beaches in Tel Aviv

If you plan on visiting Tel Aviv, you should not miss visiting the city’s beautiful beaches. You will be surprised by the variety of beaches as well as the gorgeous views of the skyline that you will have from the water. What better way is there to unwind after a day of sightseeing, then to relax in the warm sand and sun, cool off with a dip in the Mediterranean, and enjoy the sound of waves crashing all around you?

Tel Aviv has a long strip of sandy beaches lining the city’s west coast (14 km long), and the majority of them are free. And it is amazingly easy to get there, since you can walk to most of them. If you do not feel like walking, just hop in a taxi for a short ride.  


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HaTzuk Beach

This is undoubtedly the nicest beach in Tel Aviv. It is also, however, the only one that charges an admission. There are two parts of the beach that are connected with a promenade. They have really good facilities as well as an outdoor gym and places to rent umbrellas and beach chairs. It is a very family friendly beach with small pools of water children love to play in on the south side and a playground that offers shade on the north side. If you need a break, visit one of the lovely cafes there for a cool drink or meal. It is located in the northern side of the city and easiest to reach by taxi.


Metzitzim Beach

This beach was immortalized by a 1972 Israeli film called Metzitzim (Peeping Tom in English) that has become a cult classic. Today, it still attracts a young and hip crowd. It is extremely popular with locals and has recently been redone. The north part of the beach is best for kids and there is a playground there as well. This beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset after a day in the city. I would recommend buying a drink from the beach bar before watching the sun go down on the White City.


Hadatiyim Beach

Just south of Metzitzim Beach you will find the Hadatiyim Beach, which is known as the religious beach since it offers segregated bathing. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the beach is open only to men. On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, it is open only to women. During the Sabbath, from Friday evening to Saturday night, it is open to all. There is no lifeguard on duty here.


Hilton Beach 

Named for the hotel located nearby, this beach is especially popular among surfers and kayakers. Suitable for everyone, the Hilton Beach offers a lit bit of everything, including chairs and umbrellas for rent, sports areas and a café-restaurant. If you are traveling with your dog, the northernmost part of this beach is the only one in the entire city that allows four-legged friends. The pier, which is lit at night, is also the perfect spot for a romantic nighttime stroll. Parking is available at the hotel and other places nearby.


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