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The Best Beaches for Adults and Children

Dubrovnik is ideal for those looking for beach tourism and more. The turquoise sea set off by its pink marble sands is a beauty worth traveling to see. Everything there is stimulating, and its streets and buildings are the perfect setting to enjoy time with the kids.


We all know that traveling with children can challenge your imagination as well as your pocketbook, so invite them to enjoy new experiences. We’ll give you some ideas about what to do in this city located on the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia.

Almost every street in Dubrovnik ends at a cliff with a staircase leading down to the sea, where small rocky spaces allow you to take a refreshing dip in the beautiful sea. These improvised beaches are popular, and bars there will entice you with a drink or something light to eat after your swim. It is advisable to go with good water shoes, because not having any sand the rocks there could hurt your feet. These places are advisable for adults and kids 12 and older, who will have a blast experiencing different types of diving.


If you want sand, Banje has some, although it’s coarse and somewhat rough on your feet. This beach is very popular and gets very busy because it is located within the walled city. It is very good for swimming and sunbathing, and it’s also well equipped with places to drink and eat. This beach is fun for kids of all ages.


Dan?e  is just a few minutes from the center of Dubrovnik and is the most popular beach in the city. But you should be aware that this beach is only for bathing because there is no sand, just rocks, which can be very uncomfortable for those who are used to having long sessions of sunbathing on the sand. But it can also be an interesting experience to try another way of swimming in the sea, and your children are certain to find adventure, especially children who enjoy jumping into the water.

Veliki Zal

Veliki Zal is a small cove where white stones and the turquoise sea are surrounded by beautiful vegetation. It is located 30 minutes fromDubrovnikand well worth visiting. It also has beach bars serving drinks as well as good coffee and food. This beach is fun for the whole family, and they offer waterskiing and kayak rental for parents and children to take part in activities together as well as beach chairs and parasol rentals. The sea is so quiet that children can easily swim or paddle quietly in an inflatable boat.

To finish off a day at the beach, there’s nothing better than a good Dalmatian style family dinner. That is what you’ll find at the restaurant Moby Dick. This restaurant has very good local and international cuisine, and the staff speaks a multitude of languages so your kids will have no trouble making themselves understood. It’s located in the old city, at 20 Prijeko.

For more information: http://www.lacroacia.es/dubrovnik

If you want to tackle all of the problems you´ve accumulated during the year and forget about everything, rent apartments in Dubrovnik and enjoy this city on the Adriatic Sea with your children.