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Bike2malaga Tours & Rentals

Bike2malaga Tours & Rentals is a company that made cycling into a symbol of culture and open air activity in the city of Málaga. In the city, everything is designed so that the tourists and visitors can see the city in a relaxed manner, without the typical problems of having to walk long routes or not having where to park the car.

The concept that guides Bike2malaga is freedom and, for that, the visitor only has to make the plans, get the bicycle and go and ride it. Also, it´s a clean and cheap way of doing tourism, because you only need your adventure spirit to entertain yourself.

The rates are fantastic. For a single day pay 20€ and, if you want to have the bicycle for a whole week, it´s 85€. There are also guided tours that cost 20€ per adult and 10€ per child. Also, there are bicycles with an extra seat if your child is very little. As well as the bicycle, they also give you a helmet and a chain.

For security reasons they will ask for a deposit or an important document when they deliver your bike to you.

For those who like to live in total freedom, apartments in Malaga is the ideal place to enjoy all of those commodities that make a few relaxing days so pleasant.