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Plans for the Night in Malaga

Malaga, city of painters, actors and artists. City of good people, great culinary traditions, and lots of partying. What’s the price tag on a brilliant night out in Malaga? It depends on how much you are willing to spend. There are options for all wallet sizes. So learn more about some of Malaga’s night hangouts with a markedly Andalusian flavor in the paragraphs below.

Ideas to Celebrate a Birthday in Malaga

Birthdays should be cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate a special day than by doing something out of the ordinary. That’s the surefire way to make turning a year older a true pleasure. Here is our shortlist to plan your next birthday party in Malaga. Don’t let anyone or anything come in between.

Feria de Málaga

Málaga’s summer celebrations commemorate the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, who entered Málaga on August 19th, 1487, thus incorporating the city into the Crown of Castile. That is why August 19th is always a day of celebration for Malaguenians. This year’s edition of the Feria de Málaga will be held from August 14th to 22nd. As every year, the celebrations draw in people from all over the country and from abroad. Over five hundred thousand visitors are expected this year between the celebrations in the old town and the fiesta in the fairgrounds. The Feria will start with its traditional fireworks and pregón (an opening speech) on Friday night, followed by eight days of partying throughout the city’s streets. The city’s summer celebrations never fail to gather countless local and national artists, be it singers, artisans or exhibitors. During the day time, there’ll be live music in different parts of the city, bullfights at the Malagueta Bullring, and artisans selling their products at crafts markets. You’ll also have the chance to taste delicious wines and tapas, and there will be several exhibits in the various museums in Málaga’s old town. At night, the fiesta will move on to the fairgrounds, where there will be funfair rides and live acts in its casetas. And here is a hand-picked selection of our best Malaga apartments so you can enjoy the Feria like a true local: KIM- From 160€/night This centrally located apartment stands out for its elegant decoration and its stunning terrace, where you’ll be able to sunbathe and delight in the Jacuzzi. The perfect spot to relax...

The Very Best of the Malaga Film Festival

Cinema with a heavy Spanish accent will once again take over the capital of the Costa del Sol from April 17th to 26th, for the much anticipated 18th edition of the Malaga Film Festival. The Andalusian city will bear witness to this festival, which besides screening the new film releases on the national movie scene, will also pay tribute to the big names in Spanish cinema, such as Isabel Coixet or Paco León. Are you ready to discover the latest titles in Spanish cinema? Pack up because we’re off to Malaga!  Clapperboard… action! In the race towards the Biznaga de Oro, this edition of the Malaga Film Festival includes up to 14 feature films in its Official Selection, where renowned filmmakers share the spotlight with debutants, new to the director’s chair. One such debutant just so happens to be Jonás Trueba, son and nephew of the acclaimed Fernando and David Trueba, who will present in Malaga their most recent production Los exiliados románticos, a road movie about friendship, the abandonment of youth, and the need to feel alive. Another first-time director is the well-known actor Daniel Guzmán, with his movie A cambio de nada, whose line-up includes actors the likes of Luis Tosar and Miguel Rellán. This family drama follows in the footsteps of Darío; a teenager whose life falls apart after his parents’ divorce but who manages to leave his loneliness behind, aided by the unique characters he meets along his path. One of the highlights of this edition is Sexo fácil, películas tristes, Alejo Flah’s latest project. Starring Ernesto Alterio, Quim Gutiérrez and Marta Etura. This film narrates the story of Pablo,...

Sierra Nevada: the privilege of skiing by the sea

Located less than an hour from Motril beach, Sierra Nevada, offers the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in Spain. Although it is the southernmost ski resort in Europe, the sun shines here as nowhere else. Being able to ski in Andalusia is a peculiarity itself; just Imagine having the chance to ski and end the day on the beach.  This is something that can only happen in Granada. Sierra Nevada is one of those ski resorts that welcomes all kinds of people. On one hand, it is one of the most favorites among professional skiers, because several ski world championships are held there. On the other hand, it is ideal for families because of its accessibility. Photo: Cayetano What does this ski resort offer? Among other things, it offers a wide variety of tracks: 16 green, 40 blue, 50 red and 9 black. Sierra Nevada is also well equipped with 2 cable cars, 17 chair lifts and 2 conveyor belts. Apart of having the possibility of skiing and snowboarding, children and adults, will have the option of taking a ride on a Nordic dog sled, practice jumps and new techniques in the Snowpark , and visit the Fuente del Mirlo Blanco Park, which is so much fun. At Sierra Nevada you will find archery, ski bike and mini-ski. There are other activities that include: ice-skating on a natural ice rink or snow sliding. Here, fun is guaranteed. If you’re coming with small kids, the park also has a nursery. Environment UNESCO declared Sierra Nevada National Park a “Biosphere Reserve” in 1986. Its highest peak is the Mulhacen, which is...

La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga

Some of the best reasons to visit Málaga are its beaches, its Summer Fairs, its lively atmosphere, its exquisite cuisine and, of course, its good weather throughout the year. However, when coming to Malaga looking for cultural and artistic activities to do, La Concepción Botanical Garden has to be first on our list. Photo: rosergoula Located right at the top of Málaga Mountains, we’ll discover the beautiful La Concepción Botanical Garden, which is one of the most beautiful tropical and subtropical gardens in Spain and in Europe. When I first visited the garden, its beauty fascinated me; I couldn’t explain the existence of a botanical garden of this magnitude located in a coastal city. The Marquis of Casa Loring created the garden in 1855. In 1943 it was declared a Historic-Artistic Garden and currently it is regarded as a place of Cultural interest (BIC as for its abbreviation in Spanish).  The city of Malaga purchased it in 1990, remodeled it and opened it to the public in 1994. A year after its opening, the Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden was founded with the aim of protecting the natural species in it contained. The beautiful La Concepción Garden has a large collection of flora from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. This Malaga’s gem fascinates me, making me feel like in a tropical forest thousand kilometers away. Olive, almond and citrus trees represent a large collection called “Around the World in 80 Trees”, which talks about the cultural, artistic and historic character of the garden. Considered as a Heritage site, the garden was once a meeting place for...

Touring Malaga

The sun of Spain Spain is a country that continues to offer high quality travel destinations and routes. It is well known and often commented that there is nothing like the sun of Spain in the rest of Europe. So it’s no wonder that travelers from all over come to Spanish cities in search of that blue sky and almost transparent light. And of course, this type of heat also brings a lot of light and liveliness to this country. During the winter months, it is quite cold despite but still sunny so even then you can be filled with good cheer. But spring is the best season to travel to Spain, especially to a city as beautiful as Malaga. The capital of Andalusia offers several routes to get to know it and different ways to learn about this city. It is located to the west of the Mediterranean Sea and situated in the southern part of the peninsula, only a hundred miles from the Strait of Gibraltar. Málaga is also surrounded by mountains and crossed by two rivers, which means that travelers will experience a diverse environment. Malaga´s history dates back to the eighth century BC, which makes this city one of the oldest in Europe. The botanical route Malaga offers several types of tours or routes that you can choose from. Among these is a route that includes the important botanical gardens in the city and specific locations such as the Villalcázar Palace, the Customs, the Gardener´s Cottage, the town hall and the building of the rector at the University of Malaga. The tour of the Park...

Verdiales Festival in Málaga

On the 30th of November, St Andrew´s Day, the sementera begins in Málaga, also known as the season of planting. This is the reason why this day is traditionally associated in the symbolical way with the land´s fertilizing power and with the female archetype identified with mother earth. In a significative way, in this time of year, most people prepare for the Verdiales Festival. Groups of friends, different associations, the representatives of the Málaga City Council and other people linked in one way or another with the event, will start on the preparations that´s celebrated every 28th of December. Also, they fixate the different dates of the annual Verdiales calendar, a powerful cultural phenomenon of deep anthropological roots and varied cultural and artistic expressions that range from music to gastronomy. As we mentioned before, all of this fascinating and peculiar festival calendar revolves around the main date of the 28th of December, the Verdiales Festival day, which usually takes place on Venta de San Cayetano of Puerto de la Torre, where all the groups (singers, musicians and dancers) dressed in  folkloric dresses, face each other in unique musical combats called piques, the winner of which is the one that manages to make their opponent lose their rhythm. The day is long and festival and the spectators that attend such singular competition receive as compensation the chance to ssample a wide selection of exquisite local food and wine that contribute to create an atmosphere that will hardly be forgotten, dominated deeply by the most enjoyable and lively baroque epiphany of a solar economy of sacrificial nature based on wastefulness and extravagance that...

Moto Mercado Malaga

Moto Mercado is a shop in Malaga where you can rent different motorbikes and see the whole city on this vehicle.

Mditerranea Malaga

At the Mditerranea Physio-Aesthetic Centre and Spa you can relax and go back to your routine feeling like new after visiting Málaga.