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Blackout Rock Rome

If you like rock music and everything that it means, a good place in Rome to enjoy it is Blackout Rock, which is located on Via Casilina 713. Its large concert room and its incredible band programme have made it into a cult place for those who love this kind of music and its derivates.

At Blackout Rock they offer everything that a lover of music which stirs passions could ask for: room, good accoustics, first class technical equipment and great vibes to have fun big time. It also has a great bar which complements the fun with good drinks and all brands of beer and everything at affordable prices.

Its offer of the best rock is striking, especially because heavy metal, punk, HC, glam and industrial are an important part of the monthly programmes that Blackout Rock presents, and for that there are the best DJs in Europe and those who are emerging on the scene.

To dance and enjoy everything here, it has a great room which will make it impossible to forget this concert room.

If you´re going to rent apartments in Rome to spend a few wonderful days in this beautiful city, don´t forget to stop by at this concert room and, remember to book your ticket previously so that you´re not left outside.