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Buckingham Palace

England has a monarchy and it´s in Buckingham Palace where the official residency of the British Royal Family is. It´s a wonderful building, very flamboyant and extensive, which is visited by all the foreigners who arrive in London searching for the Queen or the princes.


Today it isn´t used as a definitive residence but more to stage different State visits or ceremonies of tourism or protocol, even though that Queen Elizabeth II is the one that spends most of the time there.


Located in the centre of the city, the palace is used as a meeting point for English people when they want to celebrate or demonstrate against something. It´s a key spot in the country´s politics and all the people from London respect it a lot.


The façade that we can see today has suffered many modifications throughout the years and it was in 1913 when they gave it its current aspect. Even the famous balcony where the kings and princes come to wave was built then.


Buckingham Palace is a place that you can´t not visit if you´re in London. To see it, rent apartments in London and everything will be close by.