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Cansei de Ser Sexy in Helsinki

Cansei de Ser Sexy is one of the most famous bands in Brazil. The group was formed in São Paulo in 2003 and have made it to where they are today because through a surprisingly innovative way they managed to mix influences and styles such as rock, pop, electronic music and even other types of art such as film, design and fashion. actually they are famous for going on stage with eccentric psychedelic patterned embossed clothes and completely ripped stockings in the purest grunge style. Add all of this to their careless alternative image that give them a special rock star aura that everyone tries to imitate and you have a hell of a fun crazy band.

cansei de <b>ser</b> sexy

The history of this band is very interesting. After its formation, except the drummer, none of its members could play an  instrument at a live performance. Over time as it was obvious they had to evolve and learn to play and eventually they did it to perfection. The name of the band, they once mentioned, was chosen after reading an interview where Beyoncé declared that she was tired of being sexy. They felt it was a silly statement and for that reason, decided to translate it into Portuguese and then was chosen to name the band

Soon they began to become more and more popular until they appeared in the Folha de São Paulo newspaper and from that moment they grew with strength and eventually ended playing as guest bands for  established groups and with great public like  2 Many DJs and Kraftwerk.

The band has four albums and their latest release bears the name of “liberation.” They are currently on tour around the world presenting their latest album and will perform a show at the Tavastia in Helsinki on the 17th of November.

more information: http://www.tavastiaklubi.fi/tapahtuma/22833

Tavastia: Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

For all of those who want to enjoy one of the most interesting bands of the current alternative scene, all you have to do is to rent apartments in Helsinki and enjoy Cansei de Ser Sexy.

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