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Capitol Square

Campidoglio Square or Capitol Square is on a hill that carries the same name in the city of Rome, the smalles of the seven that the Italian capital has (or had).


But in ancient times, the place was devaluated and abandoned because it was a place where goats pastured. But subsequently after a visit by King Charles V, Pope Paul III ordered Michelangelo to reconstruct the place. He wanted that the square was a public place and nice to be in.


During the reform, Michelangelo totally changed the structure of the square, directing its orientation towards St. Peter´s Square in The Vatican.


But Michelangelo never saw his work finished and, after his death, they carried on working arduously to finish the construction that today counts with three huge and beautiful buildings: The Palazzo Nuovo, the Palazzo Senatorio and the Palazzo dei Conservatori.


And if you want to see this unique work of Michelangelo, rent apartments in Rome to be able to take advantage of the cultural and historical offer of this city. Capitol Square is a place that you must visit.