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Saint Peter´s Square and Basilica

St Peter´s Square is located in the centre of The Vatican and it´s the most important square in the world because it works as a “reception” of the Basilica of St. Peter, the biggest see of Catholicism.


The construction project of this square was designed in its entirety by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1656. Of an oval shape, St Peter´s Square is decorated with giant columns that hold that statues of 140 saints of all periods of time. It also has two beautiful fountains and in the centre a huge obelisk of over 327 tones in weight rises.


For the Catholics, this square is very important because thousands of people from all over the world and also the people of Rome congregate there to celebrate Mass and receive the blessing of the Pope. For example, on Easter Week millions of people await in the square for Easter Mass.


When one visits the city of Rome, catholic or not, they have to see this historic square that is over two thousand years old and has cultural value like no other.


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