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Carnivals in 2015

Rio de Janeiro, Venice and Tenerife prepare all year long so that everything will be ready for their most important celebrations, which are then seen around the world thanks to the TV broadcasts. And the end result is worth all the effort. Whether you want to get down or go back in time, we’ve got some tips for you.


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

rio carnaval

For 5 days and 5 nights the sleepless city of Rio de Janeiro is the living embodiment of the rhythm of samba. Forty days before Easter, which is February 13 this year, the “Marvelous City” starts shaking. While carnival is celebrated all over Brazil, the one that is seen around the world is that of Rio. Maybe it’s the appeal of all-night parties at the Copacabana beach and the famous Sambadrome (a real spectacle of color). The Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace is the most select Carnival event, but I must say that it’s full of celebrities who only wish to show off. The Scala Club Rio hosts the Gay Ball, where transvestites and drag queens extravagant give free rein to your imagination. No limits, it’s just about having fun. And of course, we shouldn’t forget the macro-festivals held at the city’s coolest beaches: Ipanema and Copacabana. If you have the opportunity to visit Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, you will have a few wild days. The party starts but never ends, and there’s not one street, one bar or one hotel where you won’t find scantily dressed people dancing to the rhythm of samba.


Carnival in Venice


From February 7 to 17, the city of canals plays host to one of the most renowned carnivals in the world. The masked participants take to the streets and squares dress in countless colors, and the Venetians (and of course many tourists) dress up in styles of the era, showing off their costumes, dancing and drinking. If you visit Venice during Carnival, you might be wondering what to wear. Well, you can rent costumes and even buy them right there. You’ll see places everywhere. It’s better to rent them, since it’s much cheaper. The other option is to not dress up and just be a spectator who has travelled back in history. Venice is already very unique and idyllic, so imagine what it will be like during these days. I recommend that you visit our special Carnival tour in Venice, which will guide you through the key points of the city’s most festive Carnival activities.


Carnaval in Tenerife


The people in Tenerife can party for an entire month. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the most complete and very participatory. There are children’s competitions, the contest for the election of the Carnival Queen (which one of the most popular broadcasts), participants as well as pasacalles street performers, the fireworks display at the burial of the sardine, the Rondallas festival, the announcement parade, etc. This year the month-long party is from January 21 to February 22. And it’s interesting to note that whoever is elected Queen of Carnival is treated like a queen for an entire year until her successor is chosen.