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Rio Carnival 2013

We must be well prepared before going to Rio Carnival, because this celebration comes with very intense days of entertainment, dancing and music all wrapped in a colorful atmosphere. Get the party started with the opening ceremony in which the King of Carnival, which is called Momo (the king of mockery according to the Greek mythology), is crowned and provided the keys of the city by the mayor.

rio <b>carnival</b> 2013

The main stage in the carnival is the Sambadrome, which is a huge avenue where samba schools parade before thousands of locals and tourists from around the world. Performers work the whole year preparing costumes, music, and choreography, because, as you might imagine, this celebration requires a lot of preparation. Rio Carnival experts know that there are four groups of samba climbing or descending according to their level: the panel, the access group, school of champions, and the children samba group. Each of the schools focuses their works on any chosen subject through dance, lyrics, their costumes and imagination. This is what will count to decide which is the one, which will get the prize.

The carnival agenda is compressed into four intense days. Apart of the Sambadrome, where you’ll be able to see all the famous parades, there are other alternative events is to go to as private parties, which, even though they are a bit more expensive, you’ll have a great time guaranteed.

The celebration is in essence pretty ostentatious, but this carnival is the perfect occasion to bring together children and adults. Everything is ready for all audiences.

Another event that you don’t want to miss, although it is still not confirmed, is the masked ball at the Hotel Sofitel in Copacabana. The party follows the rhythm of samba in the Rio Scala nightclub. There are so many good samba events that pretty much any you attend will make you have a great time. Simply choose one and enjoy its music, dances, colors and costumes.

To attend any event, there is the possibility of buying the tickets long in advance. For those who like beer, they can’t miss the Beer Ball, where you’ll be able to enjoy an open bar accompanied by live music.

Perhaps the most famous activity of the carnival is the magnificent Gay dance, which is always fun, colorful, exuberant, flashy, and that draws the attention of all audiences.


There is no doubt that in order to understand the culture of the Rio Carnival, you’ve got to see it with your own eyes and feel it in your own skin, because it is simply indescribable. Get apartments in Rio de Janeiro city center and get the most out of one of the most famous carnivals on the planet!