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Cencibel Madrid

Wine is a passion of many. Some people spend their life tasting this exquisite drink that has a millenary history and that has evolved together with humanity. If you´re in Madrid, one of the best places around for wine tasting is Cercibel.


This wine hop is located on Menorca street in Madrid, in a place which is completely dedicated to this drink and, as well as selling wine, it also presents some books that explain the basic concepts to understand how this interesting world works, details of what you have to do to taste wine better and much more.


It´s also interesting that here they do private tasting and courses. So if you don´t know much about wine but you want to learn about it, this place will help you a lot.


The oenologist in charge of the place is Santiago Lillo, who is in charge of choosing every single wine that you can see here. There are over 100 wines that come from Spain and around the world, so you´ll have to choose carefully because there are plenty.


If you want to visit Cercibel, you just have to rent apartments in Madrid