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Central Park Bike Rent New York

Despite New York not being a city that´s particularly suitable to see by bicycle, due to its dimensions and the traffic of cars and people, it would almost be a sin to leave the Big Apple without a bike ride (roller skates also work) around the paths covered by trees and the bridges that lead to lakes in Central Park. That´s why the grand majority of bicycle rental companies in New York are located around the park, a few of which we´ve pointed out in this guide. This particular one has the singularity that if you make the booking online they offer a succulent discount of up to 45% and that, also, they sell bicycles (somewhat uncomfortable for the traveller if they have to take it back home). The best thing to do is to book it online, just like the apartments in New York so you can avoid last minute surprises. The company gives you a map of this impressive urban park of which everything has already been said since it´s been in so many American films. With no rushes and enjoying the clean air (this area always has it) pedal until you tire out. Central Park Bike Rentals puts the bike.