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Central Park

Central Park is a very famous park around the world. It´s located in the city of New York, more specifically in Manhattan, so walking around there is a pleasure because it´s such an urban and public park where the noise of the city mixes with the tranquility of the plants and the green.


It´s a really big and beautiful park that measures, approximately, four thousand metres by 800 and, being so big, it can receive many visitors. That´s how 25 million people visit it each year. And with these numbers they arrived to the conclusion that Central Park is the busiest in the United States.


That happens not only for the natural beauty of the park but also because thousands of Hollywood films have been filmed there, as well as some TV series, and then the tourists look to sit down where their TV idols sat as well.


Also, thousands of social and ecological events take place there like, for example, marathons or some artistic movement event.


If you visit the city and don´t go to Central Park, it´s like if you´d never been to the Big Apple. You better rent apartments in New york and you´ll be close to all entertainment.