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Champions League Final in Berlin

The 2015 Champions League final will be held in Berlin this coming June 6th, pitting Barcelona and Juventus FC up against each other in what will no doubt be a titanic clash of styles; the touch of the Blaugrana against that that of the Vecchia Signora. A dizzying array of soccer stars face to face in one of the most important matches of the year: Neymar, Messi, Iniesta, Buffon, Pirlo, Pogba… Who among them will seal the fate of this final?

Final de la Champion’s League en Berlín

And here is our survival guide for those of you traveling to the German capital to support their team…

At the Airport:

If landing at any of Berlin’s airports (Berlin-Schönefeld or Berlin-Tegel), you’ll be wanting to get downtown nearby the Olympic Stadium as soon as possible, which is most possibly also the area you’ll be staying at. If you are landing at Berlin-Tegel airport, don’t bother trying to find a train- the city center is a mere 8km ride away, and your only options are buses or cabs. If you are landing at Berlin-Schönefeld, your choices will include trains, buses, or cabs.


The easiest way to get to the stadium is to take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn train, although you could also get there by bus. Berlin’s public transport network is exceptional; there’s no way you can go wrong!

Your Apartment:

A bit of rest before giving your team your all never hurt anyone. Have you had a look at our Berlin apartments? You’ll feel right at home.

Final de la Champion’s League en Berlín_apto

Time to Eat:

Forget your everyday grub! Berlin is the place for wurst, potatoes and sauerkraut. And all that pushed down with plenty of beer! We can recommend the two restaurants below for a tasty quick bite before the game. And keep in mind that German dinnertime is 6 to 7pm.

Currywurst mit Pommes frites

Curry 61

This tiny joint that opens out onto the street has the best currywurst in town.

Imbiss 204

The place to taste those amazing schnitzels at their most authentic; a true point of reference in Berlin.

At the Stadium:

The Champions League anthem is blasting through the sound system! The Berlin Olympic Stadium is the site of this long-awaited final. This is the high point of the year for all Barça and Juve fans. Finish up your beers- it’s time to give your team your full support for 90 maddening minutes! Let the best team take it all!


Out at Night:

Happy with the score? Let’s celebrate! And if your team lost…well, a little partying never hurt anyone, and will surely give your night a little turn for the better. These Berlinese venues are the place to be found after the game.

Weekend club

This club that plays techno and house hast the best views over the city.


This club on the banks of the Spree River is always jam-packed. Its floating deck terrace is open during the warmer months, and they also have lightshows. A benchmark institution for Berlin party-goers.