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Children´s Museum of the Arts New York

Most of the times, museums are places especially created for adult enjoyment. Children, if they go, usually get bored and all they ask about is when are they leaving. But there are some museums around the world which are worth it and were created for them. The Children´s Museum of the Arts in New York is one of them. The aim of this place is to extend the benefits of art to children and ensure the future of art trying to inspire children and boosting them to fall in love with art.


This way they try to promote the encounters between the artists and the children, and also the interaction of kids with art, the community and the exhibition, as well as works made by children. The museum gives, both to children and families, complete access to creative tools which promote self-expression through visual art.


The museum was founded in 1988 by Kathleen Schneider and this makes it into one of the oldest museums for children in the world. It´s located in the SoHo district in Manhattan, and it´s a non-profit organization.


If you want to visit this beautiful museum with your family, you just have to rent apartments in New York