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Children´s Museum Berlin

The Children´s Museum in Berlin, as it says on its website, is a unique interactive space in the whole world dedicated to children. The museum was conceived especially for children and the activities are designed so that the whole family can take part together.

With a ludic idea, they organize workshops, exhibitions, events and different meetings. Since 2000, this non-profitable organization has tried to make the whole of society participate in the obligations and rights for children. So, if you´re travelling with the whole family, from your apartments in Berlin you can organize a visit to this singular institution.

The museum has organized a lending section (of musical objects, books and toys) that you can take home and bring back the next day. We especially loved the musical organ with its popular song music sheets. We recommend that you visit the website that we´ve duly pointed out in order to be aware of the activity calendar. And, lastly, a demand: if you´ve used any institution in this guide, not necessarily this one, and you have an opinion on it, we´d like to know it. Use the comments box that we´ve opened for you.