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Christmas and New Year in Vienna

Vienna is transformed by the arrival of Christmas. During the month of December, the city becomes a large market with stalls of all kinds that fill with magic the streets of the Austrian capital. On the 24th of December, Austrian children expect baby Jesus to bring them their favorite toys, not Santa. Christmas is a day to invoke the Spirit of Jesus, who is the one in charge of spreading happiness and prosperity.

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In the countless markets in Vienna, people normally buy nativity scenes figures, drink mulled wine, eat cookies, enjoy gingerbread and hear carols. Baby Jesus’ Market, right in front of the city hall, is the most famous. There you’ll have the chance to see the largest Christmas tree of the city, as well as a hundred of wooden stalls where Viennese buy candy, decorations and gifts. In addition to the stalls, many activities for children are often organized in the market including Christmas train rides, a pony ride and cooking workshops to learn how to make rich butter cookies, which, by the way, if you eat them often, you could become addictive. If you happen to be in the 7th district of Vienna, you should visit the Spittelberg Market, which is trendy and very bohemian; typically, there you’ll find crafts for charity. The Freyung market, which is the oldest in the city, hosts Christmas performances by Austrian bands and gospel choirs that create a very special atmosphere added to the smell of roasted chestnuts.

Apart from visiting the markets, you should visit Vienna’s Opera and if you happen to be there on New Years Eve, you should attend the famous New Year´s Concert, which is broadcasted worldwide. It isn’t easy get a place, but if you have the opportunity don’t miss it. It is an experience you won’t forget. You’ll love the music.

Christmas in Vienna is more than religious custom, more than a tradition. It is an intense celebration that begins during the last days of November and lasts until Christmas Eve, when the baby Jesus brings gifts to children.

If you come to Vienna with your couple, your adventure will be way more romantic. Enjoy a delicious hot punch, the most traditional Christmas drink, while roaming around the hundreds of small cafes of the city.

During the New Year´s Eve, it is typical to drink champagne and dance waltz in the Cathedral Square. Walking around the city during this special night is a second to none experience: Both the Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Imperial Palace are beautifully lighted up, while attracting local and tourists in a magical atmosphere. And for those looking for a something more glamorous, have to go to the Imperial Ball that takes place on the last day of the year in the Imperial Palace.

The famous Christmas Eve midnight mass is celebrated in the Silent Night Museum. The overall city goes back in time to the days of Mozart. It´s nice to walk around the streets during Christmas in Vienna to enjoy the most authentic atmosphere of Europe.


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