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Rex Café

Rex Café is a warm place in the city of Florence where one can go and listen to live music some days of the week. The atmosphere is super relaxed and it offers an excellent alternative for the tourist who wants to enjoy a relaxed but also fun evening to the rhythm of the best live music.


In this bar you can enjoy the best drinks and choose the one that you like the most, according to everyone´s preference. There are alcohol-free drinks as well as ones with alcohol, although the tourist favourites are the Martinis.


Although not only the tourists visit this peculiar bar in the city of Florence, a lot of people from Florence itself also go there to spend a unique night with good food, good music and good atmosphere.


This bar´s atmosphere is ideal to make new friends and meet people. One can chat at the same time that he listens to music or drinks one of the barman´s recommendations.


If you find yourself in the city and have rented apartments in Florence visit this night bar where you will surely find your place and you´ll feel very comfortable dancing to the rhythm of the music and sharing the night with friendly Italians.