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Cotti Winery Milan

Italy is one of the most important wine exporters in the world and, as such, they have spectacular wineries for selection of national and international bottles. Cotti winery, which is located in the city of Milan, is one of them.


Cotti is located in the city centre, on Solferino street. But as well as having a list like few other places, the place where it´s located is beautiful. It has no less than 500 sq metres so that clients can enjoy their drinks.


Luigi Cotti is the current owner of the place, who began managing the place in 1952 when his father Giorgio left it to him. It´s a family business that has been going for four generations, who dedicated their entire lives to winery and studying wine.


Cotti winery has over one thousand different bottles from the most prestigious wine producers in the world. For this reason, the prices vary a lot and you can find bottles that cost a few euros to bottles that cost thousands.


If you want to visit this wonderful place you just have to rent apartments in Milan and enjoy Cotti.