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Cul de Sac Wine Bar Rome

Cul de Sac Wine Bar is a classic in innovation and the approach to wine as a way of leisure and enjoyment, which opened its doors in 1977 and imposed the wine bar as an avant-garde concept to the people of Rome. Its cava is the most exclusive in Italy and those who have become regulars know it.

Wine isn´t just a drink which incites to unleash good feelings, but it is considered a drink which is healthy, preserves youth and excellent company in meals and parties.

At the Cul de Sac Wine Bar you can choose the ideal wine from the 1500 varieties that cava has, to combine wonderful culinary preparations, such as the French onion soup and traditional Roman dishes like exquisite lasagna varieties and international dishes, which can make an entertaining evening out of a romantic date or dinner with close friends.

But if you like to go for just one wine and chat about life, delicious Italian and French cheeses go wonderfully with that.

Remember to drop by Cul de Sac Wine Bar if you´re spending a few days in apartments in Rome and enjoy each second in this city getting to know good food and the unbeatable Italian wines.