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Cotton Club Rome

Cotton Club Restaurant has that warm atmosphere of Rome which is completed with live jazz music. Some say that it has a lovely retro air to it which makes it pleasant to spend a relaxing evening in the good company of your friends or a special friend.

Located in the area of Piazza Istria, in the heart of the city, Cotton Club attracts the tourists who like Italian food and good wine, accompanied by jazz and international music artists.

The food menu is very simple, it doesn´t have preparations of high culinary sophistication, but they´re delicious and abundant Italian specialities. A complete dinner costs 35 euros and has a starter, a main course, fruit and sweet. Wines and other drinks are not included.

The restaurant opens at 8.30pm and remains open until 12am. The wine bar opens at 10pm and for 15 euros you can see the concert and have one drink. For those who are driving there, you can park until 12.30am.

A true holiday is to rent apartments in Rome and dedicate yourself to visit the artistic landscape and try its cuisine, so remember Cotton Club.