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Le Culture Hall Paris

If you like to discover new places where culture and fun join, Le Culture Hall in Paris is a special place to go.


Considered an ideal place for fun and for those who like to enjoy the night and discover new and innovative places, it´s already a classic among the lovers of the night.


Located in the heart of Paris, a few steps away from the Paris Opera, in the former Place Madeleine which was bubbling with people in the 1920s, its place used to be occupied by a theatre, a focal point of those mad years.


Later, during the Second World War it was occupied by the Red Cross as a hospital and in the 1980s it was retrieved to give way to a lively club.


Today, Le Culture Hall has been recuperated and remodeled like a New York loft to give space to this bookshop and a space for parties and events. The best way to summarise this place is good taste and innovation, which is located in an area surrounded by small cafés and all sorts of cultural activities.


Now is a great time to rent apartments in Paris and go out and see the city where culture is part of its history and brings life to it, just like Le Culture Hall does.