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Kunstfabrik Schlot Berlin

Kunstfabrik Schlot is a cult place for jazz lovers in the traditional neighbourhood of Mitte, in Berlin, which holds the historical part of this city. Its inauguration at the beginning of the 90s marked a turning point in the concept of an open space for culture, because it used an old factory to give life to the new expressions of art, thought and creation.

The jazz sessions on their programme are very popular, and this is one of the most loved places for the lovers of this music, which belongs to the African American culture which trespassed racial and social barriers to set up shows on the best stages in the world.

The idea of its founders, Stefan Berker and John Kunkeler, was to give life to a place that had been a hard work spot. And so they created a relaxed atmosphere with encounter with music and culture, where they were both welcome, as a spectator or on stage.

This is a nice place to get to know and enjoy if you´re renting apartments in Berlin and you like good jazz, pleasant company and the best beer in the world.