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Travel Tips

The Top 4 Extreme Sports to Practice in Europe

A fan of high-octane thrills and sports activities? An enthusiast of all experiences that make your heart jump out of your chest and give you an adrenaline fix? This bodes well! Europe is on your side, offering countless opportunities to take part in extreme activities that make for unique and memorable trips. Here are our top 4.

Destinations for Volunteer Travel

Today we are proposing three different destinations for volunteer travel, an adventure that will live in your heart forever.

The Best Festivals of 2016

Music festivals are synonymous with good music and an amazing atmosphere. Read our recommendations and find out which not to miss this 2016.

The 4 Most Impressive Lookouts in the World

There are places on the Planet where it is easy to believe that one is “King of the World”. In many, it is because of their geographical location, in others because of their awesome height, and in some, simply because of their uniqueness. In this post we’ll be exploring those viewpoints from the comfort of our own home. There could be no better incentive for wanting to be there, right in the middle of these true spectacles of nature.