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Destinations for Volunteer Travel

There are thousands of excuses for planning a trip, some more legitimate than others, but there’s no doubt that a charity trip is the top 1 pretext to make traveling worthwhile.

Today we are proposing three different destinations for volunteer travel, an adventure that will live in your heart forever. It’s the best way to help others, step into a different reality, immerse yourself in other cultures, and meet people from all over the globe.

Flickr: Bob Betzen

Flickr: Bob Betzen


India is the seventh largest country in the world, and the second in population size. Volunteering in India will give you the chance to immerse yourselves in a land of beauty, spirituality, sharp contrasts, and adventure. They say you only fall in love with this country after you’ve returned home, as India carries a mask that predisposes you to see its poverty and maybe even its selfishness. We know that below that mask lies a destination that couldn’t be further from those traits, and we are convinced that this trip won’t leave you cold.

A large part of the country’s population depends on volunteering programs, hence the large number of NGOs offering all types of volunteering positions such as working in orphanages, working with seniors or disabled people, as part of environmental conservation projects, in hospitals, etc. Winter is a good time to experience Indian culture with New Year’s celebrations throughout the country, as well as the fact that it’s peak season for weddings; a spectacle well worth witnessing.

We’d suggest volunteering in the city of Kolkata, and specifically with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. These missionaries help refugees, abandoned children, women, old people, and the sick in foster homes and schools run by volunteers.



One of the world’s best safari destinations that harbors some of Africa’s natural wonders like Mount Kilimanjaro, the tropical island of Zanzibar, Serengeti National Park … Tanzania is an intensely colorful country brimming with diversity, and without a doubt, a great introduction to the African continent itself. It’s also considered to be one of the most peaceful and hospitable places in Africa.

Although Tanzania continues to be one of the least developed countries in the world, its economy has improved substantially over the last few years, and it is undergoing continuous growth. The vast majority of volunteers tend to stay with local families, which allows them to immerse themselves in the true reality of the country. Moreover, living in energetic Tanzania will leave you with plenty of options for entertainment for your time off.

Collaborating with animal protection programs is one of the options at International Volunteer HQ. Volunteers help examine and compare the life conditions of animals in order to be able to improve them, or track and take care of endangered species like leopards, elephants, and rhinos. The perfect opportunity to get well acquainted with the country’s wildlife.



Peru is a mysterious and fascinating country. It gives you the possibility of experiencing much of what South America has to offer in a single country. Wildlife in the Amazonian jungle, beaches, historical sites, the most beautiful mountains along the Andes Mountain Range, and not forgetting one of the seven wonders of the world: Machu Picchu.

Peru’s low wages mean that many families live under the threshold of poverty, and especially in rural areas, where there’s great need for volunteers to support and care for children. There are volunteering programs in many of Peru’s towns, where locals are always waiting for new volunteers to welcome into their communities.

If you are looking to live an authentic experience, the Amantani Association can be a great option for your solidarity trip. Located in the city of Cusco, this association welcomes children in situations of vulnerability or social risk, taking care of their needs in as family-oriented an environment as possible.


After reviewing these three potential destinations for volunteer travel, we now, more than ever, have no doubt that “a trip is the only thing that can be bought that makes you richer”.