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Travel Tips

Italy’s Top 10 Romantic Towns

If you are considering surprising your loved one with a romantic weekend getaway, here are our top 10 romantic towns in Italy.

World Book Day: 5 Continents in 5 Books

Since we always look at things from a traveling standpoint, I’ve made a list of my favorite titles to travel to each continent on the wings of the books that have, at some point, taken me from the couch to exotic, urban, or rural settings… In any part of the world!

World’s Weirdest Museums

Think back to the strangest museum you’ve ever visited in your travels. As bizarre as it may have been, there’s no way it outdoes this list of world’s weirdest museums.

May Day Long Weekend: Special Picks

There’s a long weekend in the near horizon and we’re going to make the most of it, like we deserve. A trip, an escapade, call it what you will.

A Journey through Latin American Gastronomy

We invite you to make your acquaintance with 6 different Latin American countries through your palate. A gastronomical richness that echoes their cultures: a fusion of peoples and tastes.