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Enjoy Berlin with 20 euros for a week!

The credit crunch doesn´t seem to want to go away and it´s getting harder to make ends meet. Unfortunately, we are forced to dispense of many caprices and to renounce many of our leisure activities. But what would life be without a bit of fun? Forget the money, take advantage of this advice because you can enjoy a trip to the German capital for next to nothing!


To begin, why be deprived of a trip when the tickets can cost only 10 Euros? Yeah, you’ve read well! Today, flying can be very cheap thanks to the Internet. Just be aware of the best offers and you can travel for less money than the cost of a decent pizza.

Another key element is the accommodation. Avoid the hotels. If you want an accommodation suitable to all budgets, rent an apartment with some friends, the more you are, the less money you’ll pay per head! Choose the cheapest accommodation!

With these issues resolved, take some notes about how to move around the German capital without spending almost a euro. To begin, you should know that Berlin is one of the cheapest capitals across Europe… Rent a bicycle to move around the city, it’s cheap and comfortable and very healthy!

Here´s an initiative that, if you wish, it can be absolutely free. A few years ago a company called New Berlin Sandemans began to offer free tours through the capital. You might ask, does it really cost 0 euros? Yeah, it is real! You only have to pay if you consider it appropriate. If you don’t like the tour or you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to! Here everyone fixes the price he/she considers. And if you don’t have money, you can leave a tip of just one euro, but only if you wish to!

After this beautiful trip, why don’t you go to the Reichstag roof and contemplate one of the best views of the city? Are you hungry? The cheapest way to eat in Berlin is having a picnic in the Tiergarten, surrounded by the magnificent nature.

And to discover the most authentic flavour of the capital, take a look at its markets like the Prenzlauer Berg and especially the Mauerpark Flohmarkt (see photo) every Sunday.

Of course, you can not miss the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall…Do you need any more persuading? As you see, Berlin is a really cheap capital if you know what to visit, where to eat and what to do!