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Fausto Maria Franchi Rome

Although mechanization has ended many jobs, imposing an outstanding similitude in the finished product, there is still a small group of artisans of all types who resist to abandon their old jobs. One of those artists (because that´s what you have to classify them as) is the Italian, Roman more like, Fausto Maria Franchi: an old school goldsmith who applies ancestral techniques to carry out sculptural jewels made of silver and gold. Franchi, with a dizzying an extensive CV, has been making delicate pieces of jewelry uninterruptedly since the end of the 1950s. Even though he´s travelled through various European cities to soak up techniques and procedures from other places, you can say that he belongs to that tradition of Italian artisans who survives the industrialization which serial objects impose. His silver enamel jewels are particularly outstanding.

The Eternal City has plenty to offer, and the best idea is to leave your luggage in any of the apartments in Rome that you´ve managed to rent, and go out and see the city straight away. If you have to celebrate a special occasions, you can do so with any piece of jewelry from Franchi. The prices are adapted to all pockets.