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Dodoboutique Milan

The Dodo is a prehistoric bird that survived in the Mauritius Islands. With this image, the Pomellato brand has risen its sweetest line: DoDo. Available around half the world, it has just opened a boutique in Milan. What does DoDo offer? Well, nothing more and nothing less than small jewels with their sweetest and endearing motifs on animal silhouettes on precious metals (gold, silver, steel) and precious jewels. But DoDo also has lovely complements of all types: from colourful scarves to commemorative mugs. Even so, undoubtedly, the strongest bit of the line is made up by exquisite jewelry. We highlight, for its charm and nature, the ´Fortunata´ collection dedicated to all of those lucky charms that humanity recognizes as good luck charms. Cascabels or four-leaf clovers are especially beautiful. Our advice to the sybarite traveller is pretty simple: just as you leave your luggage in the excellent apartments in Milan (that can be booked online in advance in a comfortable and secure way), you have to check out the shops of this city which is the cradle of design (in this guide we´ve already pointed out quite a few of them) and, if you can, visit DoDo to purchase some of its jewels.