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Florence By Bike

Florence is a city which is not very big but its small streets have an incredible amount of attractions. In it, which it seems it´s a city that´s kept like it was hundreds of years ago, there are beautiful museums, streets that are worth seeing just by themselves, street performances, exceptional bridges and more.


It seems like a city that was created to be seen on a bicycle. That´s due that with the bicycle you can go on routes that would be impossible to do so in any other way. Many streets in Florence are only for pedestrians where cars can´t go by. That´s where the bicycle becomes key.


A place where you can rent bicycles in Florence is Florence By Bike, where you´ll find reduced prices and promotions depending on the amount of days that you want to use it.


Here you won´t just be able to rent, but also buy accessories and, also, buy tours or ask for information regarding the different places that can be visited in the city.


If you want to get to know the Italian city you just have to rent a bicycle. You can also rent apartments in Florence and stop wasting time and visit one of the world´s most beautiful cities.