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Rent A Bike Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. It has many attractions among which there are its famous bridges, it´s practically medieval streets, it´s gorgeous architecture, the red light district, museums, and many other splendid places. In the city, the locals get around, mostly, by bicycle. Actually, there are approximately 1,5 million of these vehicles in a place where the population is of around 750,000 people. That means that there´s nearly 2 bicycles per person.


This means that if you want to get to know the place like if you were just another local you have to do so by bicycle: walking on its bridges, enjoying its canals, its trees and different curiosities.


To do so if you´re a tourist, there´s nothing better than renting a bicycle and an ideal place to do so, served by its owners, is Rent A Bike. It´s a place where you´ll be able to get all types of bicycles, for grown ups and children.


Through its website, its owners explain that they´ve always got bicycles and, for that reason, nobody will have to worry about having to book them before going.


If you want to visit a beautiful place and do so like if you were a local, the best thing you can do is rent apartments in Amsterdam and rent a bicycle.