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Food on Wheels in New York, Barcelona, or Paris

This new trend has reached Spain, and its protagonists are wonderful trucks and vans. We’re talking about some of the first Spanish food trucks, or what is the same, gourmet food on wheels. Just so you can enjoy a tasty culinary experience with a vintage touch while out on the street. What would you like to eat? We have it all! Ceviche, tacos, spectacular paninis, gourmet sandwiches, burgers, Californian cuisine dishes made with nothing but the finest ingredients, and stunning cakes for dessert. You’ll start seeing these colorful trucks during your lunch break, inspired on different parts of Hollywood and many other places. You’ll love their magical style! What are you waiting for? Let get this route rolling!

Comida ruedas pizza


In the Streets of New York

On every street corner you’ll find food trucks to brighten your lunch hour. Can we name some of the best? Let’s start off with pizza: Manhattan’s most popular is Eddie’s Pizza Truck, which gives its visitors the chance to vote for a pizza daily special, offered once a week. We also have Luke’s Lobster Truck with fresh seafood on offer, and Bian Dang Truck for Taiwanese cuisine. Further down your walk you can stop and try a few Greek delicacies at the Souvlaki GR Truck, for a quick and healthy lunch. And let’s wrap it up with desert, and make that delicious dulce de leche caramel or Nutella waffles directly from the truck’s side window.


comida ruedas kaixito

Eat Street in Barcelona

Last April saw Barcelona host its first Eat Street event, an international festival also hosted in Japan, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, California and Vietnam. This is where local and foreign chefs come together to make high-quality food from different cultures. The Eat Street Festival is gaining renown, with Palo Alto Market also organized monthly. This, besides a street market, also includes a number of brightly colored food vans that offer all types of foods. The garden backdrop adds a relaxing touch; the perfect place to chill out in the sun, or in the shade, eating and chatting with friends.


comida ruedas cupckaes

The Food Truck Trend Reaches Paris

The food on wheels trend has also reached the French capital. Food truck fever has taken over the city with its wheeled menus and countless clients every day. They get busier by the week, and everything is on offer: from Argentinian empanada pastries, to burgers, fish and chips, Mexican tacos, cupcakes, you name it… One of the novelties here is the availability of organic food for healthy eating. Impossible not to find something you like among this much variety!

The Evolution of the On-Wheels Experience

 Culinary and social mobilization for street food is also on the rise in Spain. The Madrid Street Food Movement is pressing, at the legislative level, to bring street food to the streets of Spanish cities. This goes to show that the concept of food on wheels is gaining adepts by the hour. Hip menus, speediness, good prices and mouthwatering flavors are making this movement one of the coming trends to watch!