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Gallery La Siguaraya Berlin

Berlin has many places to visit. In the city there are, above all, historical sites that history lovers will be able to fully enjoy. But there are also many artistic places, among them galleries that are worth seeing.


La Siguaraya is one of them. It was founded in 2007 by Alejandro Villalón and it presents an exhibition programme that´s, above all, focused on Latin American art and that strives to present new Cuban artists. This makes it into a unique place in the German capital. But, looking even more in depth, it focuses on the era of New Cuban Art, that was born in the 80s.


At La Siguaraya you can enjoy many types of art among which are painting, drawings, engravings, photography, the facility and performance. But it doesn´t finish there because, also, it tries to develop cultural knowledge and, for that reason, it generates debates on film, short films and literature readings.


If you want to visit a different place in the German city, all you have to do is rent apartments in Berlin and don´t miss the chance to get to know La Siguaraya.