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Gerard Mulot Paris

You arrive from somewhere around the world, because you have to go to the City of Light at least once, you leave your luggage in your apartments in Paris and you feel that tiredness is taking over.


Relax fellow traveller, because here we´re going to give you the following idea: a nice relaxing shower, some takeaway food ordered by phone or online that they will bring to you (remember that in this guide we also point out all sorts of places from your favourite cities around the world) and, to give you a nice little treat, because Paris also deserves this, order a box from Gerard Mulot.


And what does Gerard Mulot offer? Well, quite simply, the most exquisite French confectionary in his two stores in Paris with home delivery.


On the right-hand side column there´s a webpage that details the different boxes with exquisite sweets, chocolates, macarons of all colours, marrons glacés, etc. Because Web 2.0 demands transparency, Gerard Mulot specifies the weight or the units in each box with its corresponding price so that you don´t come across any unpleasant surprises.


They´re ideal for gifts or to take back home and sweetly remember your trip.