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Planet Sushi Paris

Seven days a week, form 11am until 11pm, online or by phone, Planet Sushi delivers ready made sushi to any spot in Paris. So, fellow traveller, if you´ve arrived tired from a long trip or a long day and you don´t fancy cooking in your apartments in Paris you´re on holiday after all, don´t think about it twice and order your sushi through the website on the right-hand side. Also, at Planet Sushi, not only do they serve this exquisite Japanese dish suitable for the most demanding diets (due to its lightness), but they also offer other traditional Asian dishes. You can order tataki or sashimi or even some crunchy tempura or a warm miso soup to set the tone for the night. Remember, whether you´re stopping by Paris or in any of the other favourite travelling cities, that in this guide every day we strive to publish places, events, services and even monuments that make your stay much more pleasant. If you´ve used the services of Planet Sushi or any other ones in this guide, your thoughts are very useful and valuable to us.