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Gulf of Naples

Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Lombards, Normans and Germans among others, found in the Gulf of Naples an inspirational place to develop their cultures. Nowadays, this Italian region attracts millions of tourists eager to discover this amazing holiday destination.

In the legendary city of Sorrento, you’ll find the best views of the Bay of Naples. This popular tourist destination is well known for the quality of its wooden handicrafts and the production of the famous limoncello (a delicious Italian lemon liquor). In Sorrento you’ll enjoy pleasant walks through the town, where you’ll see beautiful architectural jewels such as Sorrento´s Cathedral and its bell tower, which dates from the 15th century.


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For those looking for a small and tranquil island to spend a perfect holiday, there is no better option than Capri Island. Refuge of Roman emperors and aristocrats of the Romantic Age, the island of Capri has fascinated every single visitor since the ancient times.

Despite being very small (10.4 square km), Capri offers a wide variety of activities to do. One of the most famous attractions of the island is Villa San Michele in Anacapri, which houses an interesting collection of antiques. There you’ll have a fantastic panoramic view of the island that will leave you breathless. Capri is an island that consistently delivers lively activities in scenic places like the piazzeta, which is a square surrounded by beautiful buildings, terraces, cafes and gift shops. You can’t miss a visit to the Gardens of Augustus, which were actually made in honor of the famous emperor and from which you’ll have wonderful views of the Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni. Finally, you can’t leave the island without visiting the famous Grotta Azzurra, a 54-meters sea cave in which you’ll see magical blue colors that combined with the beautiful songs sung by the boat driver, will make you feel on a beautiful dream.

For those hungry for adventure, the island of Ischia is their best choice. Up on the beautiful Epomeo Mountain, you’ll have a second to none panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples, from which we’ll understand why this island is also called the green island. Thick tropical vegetation adorned with rocks and abandoned buildings from Roman times dominate the landscape of the roads in this pearl of the Gulf. However, Ischia is famous above all for its well-known Hot Springs and mud treatments due to its volcanic activity. Nitrodi, Negombo, Cava Scura, and Poseidon are some of the most famous spas to visit.

Finally, we come to the smallest of the Gulf, the beautiful Procida Island. Formed by four dormant volcanoes, this 4.1-square-kilometers island was inhabited by Greeks and Romans during ancient times and even English and French during the Napoleonic battles.

Some scenes from the movie “Il Postino” were filmed on this volcanic island. If you want to observe the daily life of the islanders, you have to go to Corricella Port; its vivid colors, its sea breeze and fishermen making nets and talking to each other, will make you feel like you´re watching an Italian movie from the 40s. Pay a visit to the The abbey church of St. Michael, where you will find sculptures and paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.


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