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Harlem Week

What began in 1974 as a one day tribute to Harlem has now become one of New York City’s most popular showcase events. With a tradition that has evolved over 40 years, this one day event has become a month long celebration. First starting out as a tribute to the rich historical communities of Harlem, Harlem Week has become a most famous event! You´ll find locals, patriots from various states and travelers alike populating each and crevice to catch every moment there is to showcase.


This year, Harlem week will consist of a college fair, children festival, a fashion show for the fabulous fanatics, a tennis clinic, the “Dancing in the Street” party and of course, the Motown musical festival! Not to mention they have a wide array of concerts including Latin, Jazz, Blues, R&B and many more!

There is so much to do and experience in NYC this year! With Harlem Week providing a grand experience, you´ll want to be sure to see a thing or two. Here I´ll give you a small slice of what´s to come for this year’s most popular historical event:

We´ll kickstart with the 26th of July:  A Great Day in Harlem

For the very first day of the Harlem Week, you´ll find the following:

  • International Cultural Showcase: 1-3pm
  • International Gospel Showcase: 3-4pm
  • Fashion Fusion Showcase 5-6pm
  • “A concert under the stars” 6-8:30pm

All will be in the US Grant National Memorial Park; free of charge.


4th August: Elders Jubilee

Senior citizens community will be able to enjoy a farmers market, senior expo and also attend the Elders Jubilee Awards Luncheon.

9:30-3pm; A.C. Powell, Jr. State Office Building


5th August: Amateur Night Honors at the Apollo Theatre)

Each week will feature a special Harlem Act, as tribute to the community. Why not take a short break from the vibrant concerts and sit back and observe. Enjoy the arts that are shown before you.

With tickets only half-price, there is nothing to lose!


6th August: Harlem Summerstage

Enjoy a diverse range of music ranging Latin, to jazz, the gorgeous tones of the blue, R&B, Hip Hop and many many more! Find your music soulmates right here in this vibrant and majestic community showdown in NYC this year. It´ll be a perfect experience to remember!

One to tell the grandkids about…


11th Aug: NYC Economic Development Day

International Business & Health Conferences, Career & Jobs fair, Outdoor farmers market etc.

Registration required.


As Harlem is of course celebrated for its rich historical, economic and political background. You´ll of course find an event that´ll cater rightly so.


15th Aug: Harlem Day

“Summer in the City” – With over 60, 000 attendees who will come together to enjoy an outdoor R&B, Rock and Hip Hop concert.

You´ll find regional dance events, college ´step show´ competitions, outdoor film festivals, delicious foods available, arts & crafts workshops and clothing. You´ll also find children’s festivals that include storytelling, face painting, dance lessons and sports events.

This will a summer fiesta for the entire family. So be sure to come along!


For those who want a little more passion flowing through their veins, you´ll want to have an up-close spot to the Uptown Saturday concert. This will be a stage for the masses!



16th August

To end the Harlem week celebrations, we welcome you to Harlem day! You´ll be a part of 90,000 spectators! To ensure the most loved event is of course a huge spectacular, New York has pulled out all the stops and given you 4 outdoor stages of live entertainment to enjoy!

The “International Roots of Jazz” being a main focus, you´ll also find reggae, Latin, R&B, Gospel and a wide array of music from all walks of life. Not one to be missed!


And once you´ve had your fill of that. Head over and see the St. Nicholas Main Stage, where you will find the true Harlem lovers celebrating the music of Motown and an extravagant historical musical showdown.

It´ll be a lasting experience for sure.