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Ideas to Celebrate a Birthday in Malaga

Birthdays should be cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate a special day than by doing something out of the ordinary. That’s the surefire way to make turning a year older a true pleasure. Here is our shortlist to plan your next birthday party in Malaga. Don’t let anyone or anything come in between.


Paintball Málaga, in Macharaviaya: The best way to offload adrenaline when turning a year older is by tackling an epic survival mission. At Paintball Málaga, you can choose among a number of themed backdrops. There is the “Swamp”, requiring your utmost attention to cross through the marshy, uneven terrain. It is indispensable, though no child’s game, to advance beyond the area known as “Eagle’s Nest”, the ruins of an old fortress. But most trying of all is perhaps “The Normandy Landings”, which will be the end of you, unless you can conceal yourself well. There are also trenches, long corridors, and bunkers – so real that you just may start confusing fiction with reality. Down in “The Village” battle rages on through settled areas, but you are welcome to use its houses as shelter from the watchtowers and from enemy fire. In short, celebrating your birthday at Paintball Málaga is a good test of your stamina. Price per person ranges between 19 and 32 Euros- depending on whether you are in for just the game, or the game and a happy ending (in the form of paella and open bar). And if the idea of preserving this exciting experience in DVD format sounds like music to your ears, you will have that option too. Your helmet will include a lightweight mini camcorder, whose footage can be edited into a 1 hour-long video for an extra 40 Euros.


tapas malagas

A tapas bar-crawl through downtown Malaga: Larios Street is the stuff of legend when it comes to tapas and a having a few vinos, but its environs also hide true gastronomic and architectural gems such as El Pimpi. This bodega bar located in Granada Street is an old Andalusian house dating back to the 18th century. The minute you walk in, it’ll dawn on you that you have stepped into a museum of sorts; home to countless photos of all the famous personages that have ever ventured in for a taste of their delicious pescadito frito (fried fish). Opposite, there is a full wall of wine barrels signed by prominent sportsmen, actors, politicians, writers, singers- you name it. And I can also recommend Taberna Matahambre, in Malaga’s Caldererías Street, where you’ll be greeted by their seemingly endless offer of traditional tapas, although one of their specialties is their roscas.


la penultima

A night on the town in Malaga City: La Penúltima is a well-established classic when out for a night on the town, celebrating whatever may require celebration. This modern venue, located between Gerona and Horacio Lengo streets, is the ideal spot for that first, second, third, second to last, and last drinks. They carry a long list of premium spirits, including numerous types of gins, and cocktails. On the side -the perfect accompaniment- a hookah shisha pipe of Arabian origin. And all the celebrating and drinking will also call for food. Their crepes, profiteroles, and waffles are deservedly popular. On weekends they usually have live shows or music. You’ll find it on number 12 of Malaga’s Horacio Lengo Street. Nights spent at La Penúltima are something else.


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