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Iguana Bar

In Budapest there are bars for all tastes and if you´re a person who enjoys good tequila and Mexican snacks, you have your place. The place in question is called Iguana Bar & Grill and every weekend it´s full of tourists and locals in search of partying and fun.


Being a Mexican bar, it has a selection of the best tequilas that the Central American country has, and the atmosphere is really good, with a service that serves everyone equally. The place, despite serving different foods from a fast food menu, stands out for presenting cocktails that are really worth it and which made it one of the most visited bars in Budapest.


The place, despite filling up especially on weekends, is open all week and every day you´ll find different activities to do and enjoy with your friends.


Without doubt, this place is the best place to go and eat Mexican food (for example some delicious nachos) and have some good beers and tequilas. If you want to enjoy a good night with plenty of music and party, you can rent apartments in Budapest and don´t let the chance to get to know Iguana Bar & Grill escape.