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7A Café New York

If you´re in New York and you want to go for a drink at a beautiful place which is also relaxing, 7A Café is a popular choice that finds itself in the East Village. The café is a perfect place to eat and enjoy the atmosphere every night of the week but, at the same time, it also has tables outside where the clients can enjoy pleasant afternoons or summer nights.


One of the best things that the place has is that it´s open 24 hours and it has a menu which will allow you to enjoy fast food at any time. But, as well as presenting exquisite dishes, it also has an extensive cocktail list from all over the world. Those who have a sweet tooth, will feel at home at 7A Café.


And even though the place has great prices, you can also enjoy Happy Hour which will allow you to save money and have a good time with friends having a drink or the tastiest beers, both national and international.


If you want to visit 7A Café and enjoy a splendid place where not only you can eat at a beautiful place but also in the street in the sun, you just have to rent apartments in New york