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Imperial Forums

The modern city of Rome lives with its ancient ruins that find themselves at every step, distributed above all in the city of the Italian capital.


The Imperial Forums are part of these ruins and they were built by different emperors to make their name last for all of eternity, but also as political and administrative headquarters in front of a growing population which needed major infrastructures to carry on developing.


In the city of Rome you can observe four imperial forums and each one with an emperor´s name: Forum of Augustus, Forum of Caesar, Forum of Trajan and Forum of Nerva.


It´s wonderful to walk the streets of Rome and finding these ancient Roman works in every corner of the city. Only the ruins of these buildings are left but even then they arouse fascination in the tourist because they still have large columns standing in the middle of squares.


Today, all the Imperial Forums of Rome are protected and restored by the Government and they are forbidden to the public in order to preserve those fundamental pieces of universal history.


If you want to visit the Roman Imperial Forums, rent apartments in Rome and enjoy this beautiful city.