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Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most famous works in the Italian city for it´s immensity, its history and its oldness.


Its construction dates from the years 70 and 80 AD and it was used for over 500 years, until the 6th century, as the home of the major events of the time which were the gladiator fights, fights with lions and recreation of classic mythology.


In it´s moment of maximum splendor, it seated 50 thousand people who were located in the stands depending on their socioeconomic level. That way, the emperors and the rich businessmen were located in the best boxes while the poor and working class were sat in the stands furthest away from the stage.


From the 6th century until it was rescued and restored by the Italian Government, it had various uses: storage, refuge, Christian base and as a factory, with which it suffered many abuses, not just the climate ones.


It also survived over three earthquakes.


But the structure is so solid and so well diagrammed that the work has endured the passing of time to perfection, although now, thousands of archeologists from around the world, offer themselves to do the maintenance work.


Located in the historical centre of the city of Rome, it´s the first thing that one has to see when visiting the city. And to stay there, rent apartments in Rome and, that way, you´ll have more time and tranquility to see the city and its charms.