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How to Deal with Jet Lag

Jet lag is simply a maladjustment that occurs in our bodies when we change times without giving the body a break. Basically it’s a loss or gain of hours. And it’s something that influences a variety of aspects, including one’s mood. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you deal well with the worst possible jet lag. And although each person’s “clock” may be different, there are always common elements.

Insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, disorientation, slowness of memory, confusion in decision-making, poor concentration, loss of appetite, lethargy and irritability. These are some of the symptoms of jet lag. But how can one combat these symptoms? In this post, you will find out about some tricks that will keep you feeling the full affects of jet lag. For the curious: the medical term is “circadian dysrhythmia.”

Jet lag is especially noticeable when traveling from west to east because in doing so we lose hours. Thus, the circadian rhythms (those having to do with sleep and hunger) are altered. However, when traveling from east to west, we gain hours, which does not cause a significant alteration of the biological cycle. This is why it’s much easier to adapt.

The most reliable and accurate way to avoid jet lag is to adapt to the new schedule at least one week before your trip. If you’re traveling west, you should go to bed later and if you’re heading east, go to bed earlier. Even if your destination is Australia or New Zealand (the Antipodes), you will radically change your schedule and routine. Doing it gradually is less uncomfortable.

Here are some practical tips: It´s very helpful to have earplugs, a pillow and a mask during your travels. I would also recommend eating as if you were already in the destination country. And be sure to drink water from time to time to avoid dehydration. Get up every hour or hour and a half to stretch your legs, depending on the hours and the altitude at which you’re flying. The key is to adapt to the new situation and trick your brain.

Today, there are even Apple and Android applications that seek to alleviate the negative effects of travel and combat the imbalance created by time zones. The one that has helped me the most is Jet Lag App, an app that advises you when to eat on a plane, when time to sleep, etc. to help your bio-rhythms adjust to the new time frames. I can assure you that you’ll feel more energetic upon arrival. And if you still get tired and weak, I recommend getting a massage for jet lag. They are tailored to these issues and can help you reach a relaxed state so you can have a fresh start and reset your clock. These things will all help you reach your destination with the feeling of having had a restful sleep.


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