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App of the month: Jet Lag App

If you are a constant traveler and suffer the discomforts of jet lag, here you’ll get to know a useful application for you to download to your tablet or mobile phone. It is very effective!  What is it? It is a tool that works with your usual sleep pattern, your flight hours and the time difference between your starting point and destination to suggest you a strategy to minimize the effects of jet lag.

Why does Jet Lag occur?

Long flights don’t give enough time to our bodies to get used to a change of time zone mostly, because our biological clock gets desynchronized. You’ll notice it immediately, because jet lag involves a series of very annoying and, in some cases durable, symptoms. The most common of these symptoms is fatigue and feeling permanently sleepy, but some people can also have digestive problems (including vomiting), memory loss, dehydration, loss of appetite, disorientation, , apathy and irritability. This doesn’t happen for everyone though.

The longer is the flight and, of course, the more time zones you’ll travel, the more you’ll notice the effects of jet lag. Ah ! as a curious fact, jet lag can be also called “the time zone change syndrome” or , much more complicated, ” desynchronosis”. We tend to notice it less if we travel westward, because time lengthens to our body clock. However, when we travel eastwards, jet lag is noticed significantly more.

Our app of the month is the Jet Lag App. This review was written by Diana, one of our external bloggers.


My personal review: For just 2.63 Euro, Jet Lag App will help you marking the hours of darkness and light you need, as well as lunches, dinners and even when you should drink water. So that when you reach your final destination, you feel like you´ve had a restful sleep. This app has worked perfectly well for me. It is just about maths, because it is based on a unique algorithm.

In addition, this application allows you to save your flight information (origin, destination, duration, meals, etc.). You can also synchronize the app via iCloud on any device; all you need is an Internet connection.

And if you are the kind of person who gets tense when flying and can’t any sleep, apart of this app, I would advise you to take a good sleeping pill. If you don’t like taking pills, you can always choose the most boring film that the screen in front of you offers, let it be in a different language than yours. I’m sure you’ll get some sleep in anyway.

Jet Lag app is worth it. Someone recommended it to me a few months ago and I have used it already since then three times. It is simple to use and the results are Excellent. Your body and mind will notice it.

About the author: Diana is a journalist. She was born in Madrid 29 years ago and her passion (besides radio) is traveling, taking thousands of photographs and write in her blog.