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Jewish Museum

One of the most important and controversial museums of recent times is the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which was designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind who thanks to this building became one of the most important architects today.


The place was designed with a lot of symbolism and its corridors are dark, gloomy and dramatic that are a reminder of one of the worst moments that the Germany community suffered during the Second World War.


The place is located in an area that used to be West Berlin because the project started to be constructed in 1991.


The museum has a great magnitude and occupies no less than 15 thousand sq metres, and it´s divided in two parts. The first one is the Kollegienhaus and it´s located in the building that used to house the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Prussia in the 18th century. The other part is located in a contemporary construction of laberynthine shapes.


Without doubt is this one of the most important buildings in the German city today and visiting it is a must for all tourists. rememorate


You can walk through its corridors and recall one of mankind´s darkest moments by renting apartments in Berlin